Seahorses: Wanted Dead or Alive (2011) Full Movie

Seahorses: Wanted Dead or Alive
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Watch Seahorses: Wanted Dead or Alive (2011) : Full Movie Online Free With a horse's head, a monkey's tail and sex-swap parenting, seahorses are one of the ocean's strangest and most charismatic inhabitants. In this one hour special, wildlife filmmaker Natali Tesche-Ricciardi sets out to investigate something that most people don't realize - seahorse populations are in crisis from pollution and overfishing for tourist souvenirs, aquarium stock and traditional Chinese medicine. With the help of Project Seahorse, traders and fishermen are changing their ways to help wild seahorse populations. The future for wild seahorses remains uncertain but one fact cannot be disputed - our future generations will want to experience these enchanting fish - in their natural habitat and very much alive.

Title Seahorses: Wanted Dead or Alive
Release Date Oct 01, 2011
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